2013 Volkswagen XL1 to be a ‘technology showcase’ [Geneva Motor Show 2013]

2013 Volkswagen XL1 [Geneva Motor Show] Photos

With a design more like a concept than a street car, the 2013 Volkswagen XL1 presented at the Geneva Motor Show you can buy in this 2013. Yes, not deceiving you. The German company has made ​​it very clear and it has “streamlined” over previous prototypes. Their futuristic design aims to reduce wind resistance, which makes sense in a model in which consumption is the highest priority.

If you look closely no mirrors and the rear wheels are faired. It is also very short, although the eye deceives measured just 3.89 meters in length. In the compartment only two passengers can sit down and make it the traditional way, ie next to each other.

What about the mechanics? Well, Volkswagen has developed a new 0.8 liter diesel engine and TDI technology combined with an electric motor. In total 69 CV that is transmitted to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch sequential gearbox. According to the approved data, the average consumption is only 0.9 l/100 (with emissions of 21 g/km CO2). In all-electric mode can travel 50 km while the combined total increases to 500 km thanks to frugal spending TDI block, with only 10 liters of tank adds another 450 km.

Previews 261-mpg 2013 Volkswagen XL1

2013 Volkswagen XL1 Photos

I had seen so many times as a concept to almost be weird about it as a production model. And is that Volkswagen will take the Geneva Motor Show the street version of the Volkswagen XL1 , the first series production model capable of consuming only 1 liter per 100.

For now Volkswagen has not provided any data, but we do know the important. The Volkswagen XL1 will have a length of 3.89 meters and a width of 1.67 meters. Most striking is its low height of only 1.16 meters, necessary to achieve lower wind resistance and thus also more favorable aerodynamics (a Cx has only 0.186). Through the use of a carbon fiber chassis, the final weight has dropped to 795 kg.

And under the hood? For the Volkswagen XL1 uses a mechanical hybrid that combines a combustion engine of 0.8 liter diesel, turbo and 48 horsepower (and a couple of 120 Nm) with an electric motor with 20 kW and 100 Nm. For transmission has resorted to double-clutch sequential gearbox with seven-speed DSG. The overall total power is 51 kW (69 hp), with maximum torque of 140 Nm.