Brabus tunes the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, offers up to 730 HP

Mercedes-Benz S-Class by Brabus Photos

We have seen the efforts of Brabus regarding the improvement of previous generations of Mercedes-Benz S-Class and it’s time to look and what did the new. Improvements such as one expects from a company like Brabus not limited to mere aesthetic interventions but extends to the car’s engine.

On the outside we see the stylistic package consisting of aerodynamic additions and wheels of up to 21 inches in various designs. The bodywork has also been lowered by 15 mm. The interior is clean up the client after the Brabus offers everything from boards to full leather lounges with simple Mastik leather or Alcantara. Finally, Brabus offers its own multimedia system.

But when talking about Brabus not think skins and modules. Thinking engines. There, the tuner offers various packages. There say the package for S500 through which new maps and increased boost pressure, elevates performance twin-turbo V8 of 4.7 liters per 512 horses and torque to 820 Nm.

There is also a kit to S63AMG that improves performance by 143 horses and torque at 300Nm. But for those not satisfied by such micro-improvements, there is also the monster engine first seen in B63S which increases efficiency at 720 horses and electronically-limited to avoid been smashed box-1.065Nm. The outrageous for me personally, not only the number of torque but the fact that it is available from 1,750 to 5,000 rpm!