The odd detail of future SEAT Leon Cupra

SEAT Leon Cupra

A few details have come to our power over SEAT Leon Cupra variants that will come on the basis of the SEAT Leon in the coming years to the Spain brand dealers.

And the truth is that they are “good news”. The first thing we learned is that, unless decided last minute cancellation, there will be both SEAT Leon Cupra version as version SEAT Leon Cupra R, despite all the rumors on the table on the possibility that the variant “R” to sub better life.

With 275 horses to the ‘normal’ version and 300 for the “R”, the SEAT Leon Cupra should “breakfast” Renault Meganes RS.

What surprised us is the second data, the power of the engines. As we can tell, the León Cupra with 275 horses arrive in showrooms, nothing less. While the Leon Cupra R will go and to 300, the same as the S3.

Know that both cars will have “smart Haldex differential” to manage the torque when you get your wheels. What is not clear is whether the standard Cupra AWD will or not, or instead used as the Volkswagen Golf GTI makes the kit “Performance” a Haldex differential to distribute its front axle between the wheels only guidelines the rush of power that comes.

The SEAT Leon Cupra R, meanwhile, does have all the earmarks of going to be four-wheel drive, with the same implantation under the monocoque that of S3.

Their arrival prestacionales versions, especially with three-door body, should also serve to accompany the introduction of the new Leon in the WTCC, if this project finally gets the green light from VAG.

Yet what we liked the Lion with the “basic” version of motorization level chassis, this promises to be a bone Cupra really hard to crack. With more power than the Megane RS, and finally with three-door body, finally he manage to be the benchmark for sport compacts?

While Audi looks to the premium segment with its S3 and the Golf GTI and Golf R are “to his ball “(one is more” car for all “that the Renault Megane RS, and the other is much more expensive), this might be the opportunity for SEAT VAG approved the possibility of creating the reference sport compact segment. The base platform can not be better to get. We will see the result now.