It’s official: SEAT Leon SC (Review)

SEAT Leon SC Photos
SEAT Leon SC Photos

35 mm less than battle, the same luggage compartment of 380 liters of the five-door variant and a sportier more familiar than his namesake, the SEAT Leon SC was just made ​​official. The first compact three-door SEAT reaches the market to expand the supply of this bestseller in Spain, which will seek to captivate the hearts of those who seek a more dynamic aesthetic than the five-door, which has become rather more formal respect the second generation of the Leon.

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Shared with the five-door all mechanical (from the 86 to 184 hp, gasoline and diesel) and trim levels (Reference, Style and FR), while the entire technology implementation also preserves (optional headlights with LED technology for all functions, infotainment system latest batch).

SEAT Leon SC Photos
Side 3/4 View – SEAT Leon SC Photos

Interestingly, for the Lion 2, this new SEAT Leon SC has 15 extra millimeters battle, and although it is slightly smaller in rear seats respect to the current five-door, is still more than capable of carrying adults in the rear seat. Besides these will access through a new folding sport seats, designed specifically for this three-door.

SEAT Leon SC Photos
Side View – SEAT Leon SC Photos

Aesthetics is modeled through five front doors, with a clear family resemblance with the Toledo and Ibiza. The doors are more elongated, and the ceiling is low and falling with regard to five doors. The rear window is tilted 19 º extra to give more sense of dynamics to see the car stopped.

We have learned “out there” that among the proposals for the Lion SC had something “more radical”, but that was rejected in favor of make a vehicle “suitable for all ages”, a bit on the line to try to avoid at all costs a product radicalize perhaps too associated “to Cani” not too long ago.

SEAT Leon SC Photos
Interior View – SEAT Leon SC Photos

As in the five-door, the new León SC account with front MacPherson struts and a rear that can be associated by trailing arms by a single transverse torsion bar, or by a multi-link system, exclusive to the more powerful variants.

At the moment there are no prices for the range of SC, but should logically be expected to be of the order of €1,000 or €1,500 cheaper than the equivalent five-door variants. Nor do we have details of consumption or performance (although SEAT says that almost all of the new León SC are below the 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer on average).

SEAT Leon SC Photos
Rear Angle – SEAT Leon SC Photos

l’l leave you for now with the video of the new model and the survey as aesthetics. Remember that we will see, we will touch on it directly and opinaremos in the Geneva Motor Show, in just under a month.

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